Denise Juneau US Representative
Steve Bullock Governor
Larry Jent MT Attorney General
Dirk Sandefur
Supreme Court
Melissa Romano Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jesse Laslovich Montana State Auditor
Glenn Ferren
SD 07
Jen Gross SD 25
Margie McDonald
SD 26
Jeff Welborn SD 36
Tom France SD 47
Denley Loge
HD 14
Rob Cook HD 18
Tom Jacobson
HD 21
Jean Price HD 24
Casey Schreiner
HD 26
Bridgett Smith HD 31
Rae Peppers HD 41
Jessica Karjala
HD 48
Kelly McCarthy
HD 49
Virginia Court HD 50
Merlyn Huso HD 70
Tom Welch
HD 72
Amanda Curtis
HD 74
Patrick Johnson
HD 80
Janet Ellis
HD 81
Scott Ralston
HD 85
Margaret Gorski HD 88
Ellie Hill Smith
HD 90
Addrien Marx HD 92
Willis Curdy
HD 98

Welcome to Montana Sportsmen Alliance PAC!

Our group was born out of the disastrous 62nd Montana Legislature. Sportsmen have gathered together to support the philosophy and programs we subscribe to.


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